5 Tips to unblock the flow of positivity

1 – Don’t be too specific

There is a tendency to introduce a lot of resistance and operate from a vibration of lack or fear when you are too specific. Go General.
How to go General?
Here is an example –
I want $100,000 by the end of this month. – Too Specific
I want a good amount for cash in my near future. – That is General
Which statement do you think is more achievable. There is less resistance in the general statement compared to the specific one. The second statement gives a feeling that there are lot of possibilities.

2 – Don’t obsess over your goals

Humans to think too much about what they want. Hence, they perpetuate the feeling of lack. Once you put forth your goal about a subject, it is best to let it rest and get involved with other aspects of your life. Don’t let your thinking process be of obsession towards your desire. As you will notice the lack of your desire being achieved you’ll perpetuate that experience.

3 – Don’t make Law of Attraction as a means to an end

Many of us are attracted to Law of Attraction because we want to fulfill our desires. When in fact, Law of Attraction is so much more than just that. It is a means to be at your best of yourself at every moment of your time. It is being in the leading edge of thought. It is about you, blending with your inner being to be the epitome of what you can become.
The more you treat Law of Attraction this way, the more successful you will become.

4 – Have Faith and Patience

Faith is the magic ingredient that is needed to manifest something that is not there before. When you are manifesting something that you have done before, it is easy. Do this, do that and its there. But, when you are manifesting something that has never been there before, you need faith to counter the doubt that might arise.
You need patience as well. If you are impatient and constantly checking the progress, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Because, noticing the lack of something is what holds you to that experience of lack.

5 – Remove your beliefs that are blocking your success

Things that happen in your experience repeatedly takes the shape of belief in your subconscious. With so much negativity in the world, it is not a surprise that we have so many hindering beliefs in our subconscious. We need to hypnotize our subconscious to replace the bad thoughts with positive ones.

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