It helps to visualize.

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Top Business Affirmations:

Present Tense Affirmations
I am building a powerful and positive business.
My reputation as a professional business person is solid and strong.
I am up to date on the latest trends and developments in my industry.
My extensive experience and expertise in business give me success.
I am committed to reaching my business goals.
I am ready to overcome any difficulty I face.
I have an irreplaceable business sense.
I am an extremely motivated and driven individual.
I am the provider of a product that my customers want and need.
I am a powerful asset to my business.

Future Tense Affirmations
I will continue pushing my business to success.
My business will give great value and quality products to my customers.
I am creating a powerful and positive business mindset.
People will be interested in and drawn to my business because of our quality work.
I will make sure my customers know that I respect them by the way I treat them.
Customers will happily refer new clients to my business.
My sales will continue to grow every week.
I will quickly and successfully adapt to any new changes in my industry.
The hard work and planning that I have done for my business will pay off.
I will make sure to build a high level of trust with my coworkers.

Natural Affirmations
I naturally think outside the box and find solutions.
Working on multiple tasks is something I do with ease.
I am a natural born leader and happy to help others.
I manage and work with people efficiently and effectively.
I have a strong sense of what will make my business successful.
I am naturally a strong and determined person.
I naturally come up with innovative and new ideas in my business.
I naturally find the drive to be successful.
I am happy being in charge of my own performance.
I easily change and adapt to new situations in my business.

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