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How to manifest

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Manifest Law of Attraction

Understanding Law of attraction and utilizing that knowledge will help you manifest your desires to the fullest. There are a few things you should consider when you want to convert your goals to results. Be clear about what you want because clarity of intent is the main driving force. Have faith in the universe that it will deliver what you desire. Trust your impulses as they are directions from the universe. Act on your impulses and you will never be sorry. Keep your energy high; meditate to clear resistance.

Clarity of intent

Our minds are jumbled with thoughts and our attention jumps from one thought to another constantly. A weak mind cannot control it’s own creations. To strengthen your mind you must meditate. Meditation with detachment brings control into your hands. When you have control of your attention, you can focus on thoughts and feelings that are cooperative to you. Once you have this part down, you can now figure out what you really want. This is how you clarify your intent. Abraham Hicks says that it takes only 16 seconds of pure thought to bring around another thought like it. Clarity of intent also means deliberateness. You don’t jump around one thought to another by default, but by deliberate intent.

Faith in the Universe

Once you have decided on your goal with “clarity of intent”, release your thoughts to the universe with total faith. In other words, open yourself up to the universe to surprise and delight you with experiences and actions that lead you to the manifestation of your goal. Faith comes with experience. Start with goals that you think are easy to achieve. Slowly your trust in the universe will grow and you can move to manifesting bigger goals. In truth, nothing is big or small for the Universe. Whether you want to manifest a castle or a button, it is irrelevant to the universe. Why you should start with a smaller goal is because you have less resistance towards that goal. As your faith increases, your resistances will clear out and you will be able to manifest bigger goals faster.

Trust your Impulses

Sometimes you get an impulse to do something that you think is pointless. It is pointless only to the logical mind, but serves a part on the path to your goal. These impulses are the guiding principle of the Universe. Sometimes an impulse will take the shape of inspiration. An inspired action is a thousand times more powerful than a motivated one. Motivation is your mother coaxing you and inspiration is a direction from your inner being.


Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with the knowledge of Law of Attraction and fulfill your desires. Manifesting your desires bring fulfillment to your life. ..

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